Sunday 26 June 2011

Time - Existence

The frustrated past gets mirrored
In the faded faces
Supported by the Autumn's-arm
The breez silently signifies
The advent of spring.
The sound of faultering steps
Also the blossoming Neem and Amaltas trees herald that the spring has arrived
i.e., the mango & casia fituala
The fascinating fragrance of flowering
Mango losses its essence 
The Indian cuckoo's song
speeds up the blood circulating in my veins
waves of spring-time happiness
and surgess in my heart
But at the very next moment
seeing the colourless faces,
I forget the imaginary happiness
which vanishes in the air and I muse :
those fail to keep pace with the changing times
Whoever they are
Also fail in the bigger battle of life.

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