Wednesday 29 June 2011

Accounts Remain unadjusted

How-So-ever I might add
Sustract multiply and divide
I'm unable to adjust all my accounts
Joys and miseries experienced
At different accasions, times and places
with all the honours, disgraces,
Profits and losses, love and hatred
Honesty and fraud
the sense of belonging and aloofness
Galling darkness and bright mental attitudes
needless blows and counter blows,
and then work out the ratio
in relation with the sensibilities
the vitual feelings
The events and situations
the feelings that emanaite from the soul counts
Yet, how so ever I might try.
I'm unable to adjust the accounts

The balance sheet of assets and liabilites
Credits and debts can be set right.
In equilibrium with the equanimity of mind
But howsoever I attempt to adjust
The truth and falsehood of gone by moments
with the present innate and made-up
The account does not adjust
How-so ever I might try
How and which process do I have to use
adjust this account of life-process?
How to adjust the life's failures
Futile fitful acts with the happy ones?
Time saved from the caparicious calamities
And crisis galore and into
The result adding the fantasies for future.
The fact is the blossoms need not darkness but
The star-light or the moon's silvery smile
Or, the dawn's golden rays.

How to procure a Calculator used by the cosmic
Creative Controller?
Fair the account of a well-lived life
Colours of the longings for living
find homes again of one's self-existence
And brushes of life's truth and untruth
may be used to picturise
the experience of reallity and illusion.
Then I balance it with the result of using mutiple factors
But the final account always remains unadjusted.

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