Monday 20 June 2011

The Great Void

This expanding trunk of great voidity
endless, infinite, indescribable
remains single coloured
this great void
This expansion of bluish Expanse
never departs from the voidity
singley indivisible its beauty
it's boundary is universal entity
It's energised yes, by the same vitality
Yes Pure white and enriched by humanity
In season and out of season,
It stands for humaneness anwering

Who knows however true, unture
of the queries; How, who, why, when and where
may be the great destiny regulates and rules
created love, truth and illusive realty
Touches, without a begining and end limitless, devoid of kinds
pose, higher, low costs, clourful and colurless, rich and pauper society.
In all ages and eras the great existence heads all the nature, the humans, the land and waters
animals and beasts, cattles, winged beings
motionless and moving fixed stable
This is the sourece of all existence of life,
all the time, anywhere it fills the great
void with eve renewed
It pitches novel tents of being and existence.

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