Friday 15 December 2017

Swadesh Bharati
(For readers, Lovers of my writing, research 
scholers and thinkers etc.)

Started Writing Since 1951 at the age of 11 (Eleven) and upto date I have Written 13808 (Thirteen Thousand Eight Hundred Five) Poems in Hindi out of which published 28 (Twenty Eight) Poetry Collections, 2 (Two) Epics with total of Around 4300 (Four thousand Three hundred) selected Poems, Long Poems also more than 1000 (Poems) Poems Published in different Anthologies, Magazines, Journals etc. in Hindi, Indian and Foreign Languages. During 1951-2017.

More than 9000 (Nine Thousand) Poems, 10 Poetic dance- drama, memoirs, Travelogs etc. unpublished.

Alongwith written 12 (Twelve) Novels in Hindi out of which 8 (Eight) Published, Four in process of publishing, 87 (Eighty Seven) stories published in Hindi/Indian Language Magazines, Journals, Books.

Edited 52 (Fifty Two) works of Authors of Hindi and other Languages.

Editing Rupambara-Hindi Literary Journal since 1965 and edited 158 Issues, Special Number in Hindi and 22 issues, Special Number in English.

My Writing is Still continueing which fills my barren heart and brings me out of agony. Gives light, energy and happiness to my innerself.

Swadesh Bharati
331, Pashupati Bhattacharya Road
Kolkata-700 041
12 December, 2017

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