Friday 17 January 2014

Recognition of Hindi At UNO

Recognition of Hindi At UNO
An Appeal

NGO’s Working for development of Hindi Worldwide, Govt. PUCs State Govt.s Corporations, Banks, Hindi Officials, Administrators, Business Houses, Trusts, NRI 
Senior Citizens and Common People. General Donors.

Dear sir,

Best Wishes for Happy New Year
                                    and greetings on Makar Sankranti, Pongal 

I on behalf of National Hindi Academy Kolkata Most humbly draw your kind attention regarding acceptance and recognition of Hindi as one of the world Languages of the world at United Nations.

During Last 65 years of Indian Independance  at several occassions and at different forums of All India Official Languages Conferences, Seminars, International Conference on Language and Literature, World Hindi Conferences. We have passed several unanimous resolutions to accept Vishwa Bhasha. Hindi as a Language of UNO. But nothing positive has been done as yet. The problem of subscribing 100 crore to the United Nations for this purpose was also not done by Govt. of India.

National Hindi Academy (Rashtriya Hindi Academy) has decided in national honour and interest to collect this amount of Rs. 100 crores on its own and hand over to UNO through Govt. for recognition of Hindi in the United Nations.

To attain this national objective Academy has instituted a special fund - Vishwa Bhasha Hindi Nidhi in which donors may send their donation’s liberally and generously through chques, D/D s fg. Vishwa Bhasha Hindi Nidhi  a  minimum amount to maximum amount to complete  Rs. 100 crores to give it to the United Nations through the Govt, safeguading National interest and honour by recognition of official Language Hindi in UNO and make Hindi as Vishwa Bhasha fulfilling the aspirations of 125 crore people in India and abroad. 

Your generous donation will be a great help and co-operation in the National Interest and honour to our geat country.

The donations may please be sent to -

The secretary
Rastriya Hindi Academy
A/c. Vishwa Bhasha Hindi Nidhi,
3, Gibson Lane,
Kolkata - 700 069
Telefax +91 -033-22135102
Email :

With Greetings

Sincerely your’s

for Rashtriya Hindi Academy

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