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Literary Biodata Swadesh Bharati

Swadesh Bharati, recipient of Vishwa Hindi Samman for his outstanding contributions in the field of language and literature at 8th World Hindi Conference - 13-15th July, 2007 at New York, USA. sponsered by Ministry of external affairs Govt. of India, Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan (UP Govt’s) “Premchand Award” and “Sahitya Bhushan Award” and about 100 Nation/International & other Awards. Since 1958 he lives in Kolkata from where edits “RUPAMBARA”- a literary bilingual quarterly journal. He has been in active field of creative writing since more than 55 years. Born at PRATAGARH (U.P) on 12.12.1939 and educated at I.K.M. Inter College Anapur, Allahabad, Eving Christian College, Allahabad,  Annamalai University, Chennai with MA Degree in public Administration and got Mahamahopadhyay (Doctor of Literature) from Hindi University, Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad. He received Diploma from School of Humanistic and Cultural Studies, Ram Krishna Mission, Kolkata.
He started writing at the age of 12 years. Sri Bharati’s Poems are included in a number of Hindi Magazine and other Indian Language Journals. Is poems are included in  “Chautha Saptak” (The Fourth Raga), a historic Hindi Poetry Collection edited by “Ajneya”, internationally acclaimed poet and Author. Sri Harivansh Rai Bachchan  has also included his poem in his famous collection Hindi Ki Sarv Shresht Kavitayein. His poetry reveals the inner depth of mystic nature’s enchanting beauty, the struggle and existence of mankind. The critics describe his Poetry as multi-dimensional, the expression of nature, and the modern lifes’ decadence with new awareness and an expression of stream of new consiousness, freedom, peace, love and happiness for making a new generation of world joyful. He has widely travelled in India and abroad, that is why his expressions have multi-dimensional shades and experiences. He has to his credit 24 collection of Poems 8 Novels & 45 Edited works, published about 150 volumes of Rupambara-literary journal by remaining its editor for the last 47 years. He received Premchand Award from U.P. Govt. In 1989 on his Novel ‘Auratnama’ (The women hood). He travelled in U.S.A., Britain, France & other countries to participate in Poetry Symposiums and meetings of Board of Directors of  International Childrens Community Foundation as its director.  He received Hindi Seva Samman (Award for contineous writing) awarded by Mysore Hindi Parishad at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 29th October 1994. Honoured with Sahitya Bhushan  Award by U.P. Hindi Sansthan Govt. of  UP. Lucknow on 27th December, 2001. Honoured for remarkable achievements in Hindi literature & services to Hindi & other Indian Languages by National Institute of Teachers Technical Training & Research, Bhopal. Govt of India nominated him. Member of Kendriya Hindi Samiti constituted under the Chairmanship of Hon. Prime Minister, India. Also nominated as member - Ministry of Textile & Ministry of Power Hindi advisory committee Govt. of India. He was awarded Vishwa Hindi Seva Samman for his valable Contribution in the field of Language and literature Nagri Prachar Sabha has awarded him Nagari-Ratna Samman on 14.09.08 at Deoria (U.P.). Sri Bharati was felicitated by Mitra Mandir, the famous cultural & Social organisation of Kolkata for his contribution towards Language and literature. On 26th Maty 09 the Literary Club, Bhilai Steel Plant has awarded Pramod Verma Sahitya Samman and Chhatisgarh Hindi Lekhak Sammelan Awarded Pt. Rajendra Prasad Shukla Sadbhawna Sahitya Samman on     28-05-09 at Raipur. ‘Golkonda Darpan’ & Geet Chandni felicitated at Hyderabad on 29.8.10. Lt. Gen. Governor Puducherry Honoured him on 4.10.10 at Rajniwas, Puducherry. Nominated by Govt. of India Hon. Member of Rajbhasha Hindi Advisory Committee of Ministry of Finance. He was honoured by Kaviteerth Sahitya Academy, Kolkata on 31.12.1911.
Swadesh Bharati. has contributed a lot through his Poems, Short stories, Novels to Hindi & Indian Languages especially Bengali, Oriya, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Konkani etc. such as DESH, ANAND BAZAR PATRIKA, KRITTIBAS, KALIKALM, ANUVAD PATRIKA, and other Indian literary Journals widely published his work. Poet Bharati was attached with eminent writers of Indian and foreign Languages. He has translated the selected Bengali Poetry & published Modern Indian Poetry - Bengali. The farmous names included Noble laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore (The Last Poems), Sakti Chattopadhyay (Aboni Badi Achho), Subhas Mukhopadyay and other famous Bengali poets. He also translated in Hindi the collection of Poems entitled ‘Jeebna Das Ki Shrestha Kavitayein’. Sri Bharati also edited Modern Oriya Poetry in English & Hindi  also he edited alongwith several anthologies in Hindi selected from contemporary Oriya Literature. The Indian Poetry today-Telgu included Poems of 8 Digambara Kavulu (The Naked Poets) of  modern Telugu Poetry, selected poems of Tamil, Marathi, Konkani, Bengali & other Indian Languages.
Published Works
   1.    Ikees Subhah Aur    (Poetry Collection)    1969
        - 21 Mornings more    (Tr. & Pub. In Oriya)
    2.    International Poetry Number; Vo., 1    (Poetry Collection containing selected
            Poetry of 16 major world languages)    1969
    3.    Indian Poetry Todya - Marathi    (Poetry Collection)    1969
    4.    Indian Poetry Today-Telegu    (Poetry Collection)    1970
    5.    Shav-Yatra    (Novel)    1970
        - The Funeral Procession    (Tr. & Pub. in Oriya)
    6.    Satven Dashak Ki Shreshtha Kahaniya (Best selected Short Stories)    1970
        - The Best Strories of 7th Decade in Hindi
    7.    Mahanagar    (Selected Short Stories)  1970
    -    The Metropolis
    8.    Indian Poetry Today-Bengali    (Selected Bengali Poetry Collection)    1971
    9.    Indian Poetry Today - Oriya    (Selected Oriya Poetry Collection)    1974
    10.    Awajon Ke Kathghare Mein    (Poetry Collection)    1976
        -Amidst the stockade of sounds
    11.    Tapis Mitati Nahin    (Poetry Collection)    1976
        -Thirst Never quenches
    12.    Poems included in Chautha Saptak    (Poetry Collection)    1981
        - The fourth Raga
        - (Edited by Ajneya, the famous poet)
    13.    Man Chahta hai Apanapan    (Poetry Collection)    1981
    14.    Sampratik Hindi Sahitya-Rachana Aur Alochana    (Literary Criticism)    1981
        -Creation & Criticism in contemporary Hindi Literature
15.        Hindi Ki Sarvashreshtha Kavitayen    (Poetry Collection)    1981
        The best Poems in Hindi
        (Edited by Harivansh Rai Bachchan, the famous Poet,
        father of super film star Amitabh Bachchan
16.        Doosra Vamachar    (Long Verse)      1983
        -The second thinker         1990
17.        Kathanagar    (Short stories)    1984
        -The story-city
18.        Auratnama    (Novel)    1984
        -The Womanhood (Premchand Award winning book)    (Tr. in Oriya)   
19.        Saharyar    (Novel)    1985
        (The city friend)    (Tr. in English)
20.        Bhare Hat ke Beech    (Tr. & Pub. in Oriya)    1987
        - Amidst the crowded market    (Poetry Collection)
21.        Samkaleen Hindi Kavitayen        1984
        -(Contemporary Hindi Poetry Collection)
22.        Samakaleen Oriya Kaveitayen    (Oriya Poetry Collection in Hindi)    1984
        --(Contemporary Collection of Oriya Poetry)
23.        Jeebananda Das Ki Kavitayen    (The best Poems of Jeebananand    1984
            Das in Hindi, Tr. from Bengali)
24.        Calcutta O’ Calcutta (1st Vol.)    (Long Poem on Calcutta)    1990
25.        Yatna Shivir
        - The Concentration Camp    (Novel)    1990
        (Based on Bangladesh Liberation Struggle)    (Tr. in Bengali)
26.        Trasadi Ke Dwar par    (Poetry Collection))    1991
        --(At the Door Step of Decadence)
27.        Sidhian Chadhta Surya    (Poetry Collection)    1994
         (Steping up sun)
28.        Ghatana-Durghatna    Novel    1994
        -(The Incident-Accidents)    Novel   
29.        Surya Ka Ahat Maun    Poetry Collection    1999&07
        (The Wounded Silence of the Sun)
30.        Anantah (The unending)    Poetry Collection    2001&07
32.        Samay Ki Jarjar Nav Mein (In the broken boat at time)    Poetry Collection    2001&07
33.        Sagar Priya (The ocean beloved)    (An Epic)    2005
34.        Hindi Ki Vikash Yatra        2005
        (Progress-Journey of Hindi)    Research contents   
35.        Shabdateet     Poetry Collection    2005
        (Beyond words)
36.        Kolkata O’ Kolkata (Vol I & II)    Long Verse    2005
37.        Nagar-Bandhu (The City Friend)    Novel    2006
38.        Karyalayeen Hindi Prayog & Vividh Sandarbh        2006
        Related to Official Language implemantation and Hindi Workshop Help Literature   
39.        Mungeri Lal Ka Prajatantra    Long Verse    2007
40.        Ecoing-Silence of the Falling Leaves    Selected Poems in English    2010
41.        Aranyak (The forest Mate)    Novel    2011
42.        Bhagta Hua Samay (Running of time)    Poetry Collection    2011
43.        Comprehensive Technical Terms Dictionary (Glossary)     English/Hindi    2012
44.        Shrestha Laghu Kathayein    Collection of short stories (Ed.)    2012
Special Features of Literary and other Achievements
1.     Works Translated/Published in mostly all major. Hindi, English, Oriya, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Nepali, Konkani and other Indian and foreign journals. Participated in a number of Poetry Seminars/Conferences in India and abroad. Works covered by A. I. R. Doordarshan (TV) and other media. Organised several writers workshops/Seminars/Conferences sponsored by Central Hindi Directorate (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Education and Culture, Government of India),  Faculty guide of several Workshops organised by Central Hindi Directorate, NCERT and other universities. Acted as a member of Selection Board for recruitment of Hindi Officers instituted by Steek Authority of India and several PUC’s.
2.    Editing Rupambara, a bilingual literary journal published in Hindi and English since 1965.
3.    In 1964-65 he received Diploma on study of Vedanta & World religion from School of Humanistic and Cultural Studies, Ram Krishna Mission Institute of culture, Calcutta, Founded Writers Colony (Vishwamukti), At the  beautiful Chilka Lakes on Orissa coast and working as its Founder-Chairman since 1971, which is being established for the development of Indian Languages and welfere of young Indian writers and poets. Founder-President of Rastriya Hindi Academy, (National Hindi Academy), Forum. Established Indian Writers Andman Hindi Academy. Life-member- ISKCON, Ex-member Director, Lions Club International and engaged in several Philanthropic activities.
4.    Founded National Hindi Academy in 1965 (Rastriya Hindi Academy) under Sri. Bharati’s chairmanship and guidance 24 All India Offical language Conferences, International Seminar on Literature were organised sucessfully at Bhubneswar (Orissa), Darjeeling (W.B.), Portbalair (Andaman & Nicobar Island), Gangtok (Sikkim), Ooty (Tamilnadu), Goa, Kathmandu (Nepal), Kovalam (Kerala), Kalimpong (W.B.), Shillong (Meghalaya), Shimla, Pondichery, Tirupati, Shantiniketan, Mysore, Nainital, Puri, Manali, Gopalpur, Mount Abu etc. National Conventions on Official Language, National Poets Meet, Young Writers Seminars, International Seminar on Literature at different places of the country have proved very effective for National Integration and development of Indian Languages along with Hindi, Instituted several National & Internation  Awards on literature of great masters of 22-Indian & Foreign Languages for friendship, peace and universal brotherhood.
5.    Besides a creative Poet and Author, Swadesh Bahrati has given a new direction to the young, emerging poets and authors of Indian Languages and Edited more than 40 new writers series-books by young writers. He has been relentlessly working for develpment and spreading of Hindi as National Language and the Language of U.N.O and also working for develpment of other Indian Languages. He attended Board Meetings of Internationa Childrens Community Foundation (ICCF) at Morgantown (USA) New York and other places as a member of Board of Directors in 1989. Attended 6th and 8th World Hindi Conference (Vishwa Hindi Sammelan) at London (U. K.) in 1999  New York (USA) in 2007 & visited other countries.
6.    Received Premchand Award by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan Government of Uttar Pradesh on his Famous Novel “Auratnama” (The womenhood) in 1989. Sahitya Mahopadhyay (Doctor of literature) Honour by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad in 1993 and “Shrestha Kriti Award” given by ‘Tamsuk’ at East Zone Poets Conference, Coochbihar in 1993. Hindi SEVA SAMMAN for continuous writing of creative literature) at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi in 1994 by Mysore Hindi Parishad. Felicitated by Govt. of Himachal Pradesh at Shimla in 1998. Felicitated by Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha. Tamilnadu Hindi Academy at Chennai. Felicitated by Osmania University & Womens College, Hyderabad during 1999. Sri Bharati played active role in recognition of Nepali, Konkani & Manipur Languages in the 8th Schedule of Indian Consitution in 1992. This has been proved as a great contribution in integrating the country. Due to Sri Bharati’s relentless effort’s All India Official Language Conference and International Seminar on literature were organised at Kathmandu, Nepal in 1996. About 200 Nepali, India authors were invited. They discussed and exchanged thoughts about Nepali, India  & Hindi Languages. This Conference was very useful in lessening tension and anti India feelng in Nepal.
7.    International Poetry Number edited by him containing the best selected Poems of 16 languages of the world was well received by Press and Poetry lovers world wide.  Also Edited 30 Special Numbers of Rupambara on various aspects of creative writing and development of Hindi Language along with other Indian languages.
8.     His Biodata is included in ‘who is who in the world’, who is who in literature’  ‘Asian -American  Authors, Who is who’, ‘Asia Pacific, Pub. by Sahitya Academy who is who’ in Indian Literature’, and several other reference directories in India and abroad. More than 200 books, journals in Hindi & other languages published his poems and other works. All India Radio, Doordarshan, Calcutta, Lucknow, New Delhi, Ahemedabad, Gangtok, Portblair, Guwahati, Goa, Simla and other stations has  broadcasted, Telecast his works. Selected as the man of the year 1999 by American Biographical Institute INC (USA).
9.    Research work done by research (PH.D.,D.Lit., M.Phil) Scholars on his Novels & Poetry instituted by Osmania University,Hyderabad, Chennai University, Kanpur University, Mysore University, Kerala University and several other Universities.
10.    Received Sahitya Bhushan Honour on Literature) by U.P. Hindi Sansthan Lucknow in 2001.
11.    His works contain special appeal for universal love, Affinity, brotherhood and world peace, a fine interpretation of nature & human existence, a deep insight of Indian culture and richest heritage.
12.    He is at present founder, Chairman, Rashtriya Hindi Academy and Editor Rupambara and connected with several News papers & other media in India and abroad.
13.    Hindi website & Blogs has been started in 2011 covering  his writing and entire spectrum of Hindi Literature for Indian and Internatinal  readership through Hindi Internet.
14.    He has been Nominated as Hon. Member of Kendriya Hindi Samiti consitituted under the Chairmanship of Hon. Prime Minister, Govt. of India (2004).
15.    Nominated as Member, Ministry of Textile - Hindi Salahkar Samiti and Ministry of Power - Hindi Salahkar Samiti (2005) and member of Ministry of Power Hindi Advisory committees.
16.    Felicitated by NIT TR, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Writers Association, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Women Writers Association on 29.05.05 at Bhopal.
17.    He received Hindi Seva Samman at ‘Hindi Kumbh’ Bangalore given by H.E. Governor, Karnataka Hon. Ex. Minister of RD. and Hon. Minister of Labour, Govt. of India, organised by Mysore Hindi Parishad on 11.01.06
18.    He was Honoured at 8th World Hindi Conference, New York (USA) on 15.07.07 with International Honour for Hindi Literature (Vishwa Hindi Samman) & felicitated by Mitra Mandir Kolkata (A Literary and Cultural Organisation) on 14.10.07 & felicitated by Nagri Pracharini Sabha, Deoria (UP) with Nagri Ratna Hon. on 14.09.08. Felicitated with pramod Verma Sahitya Samman and Pt. Rajendra Prasad Shukla Sadbhavna Sahitya Samman by Chhatisgarh lekhak Sammelan. Hounored by Golkonda Darpan & Geet Chandni on 29.8.10 at Hyderabad. H. E. Governor, Puducherry Felicitated on 4.10.10 at Pondicherry.
19.    Currently working on his two Novels Amrit Sagar Ki Khoj (the Search for Necter sea) and Retghar (The house of sands). More than 11000 Poems written by the Poet contineously one on each day are still to be published apart of 24 Poetry collections already Published.
20.    Nominated as Hon. Member-Ministry of Finance Hindi Salahkar Samiti in November 2010,
21.    Honoured by Kavi Teerth Sahitya Academy on 31.12.2011 at Kolkata.

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