Friday 11 November 2011

I had just finished my wonderful journey into the land of Krishna and Radha, Mathura and Vridavan. On my return trip travelling from Mathura to Howrah on 7th by Chambal Express and got infected with some kind of bacterial, viral or parasitic infection.

In my life I have faced the most difficult time the tragedy of acute Diarrhea and how I stopped my vision of future because I was helpless. My wife Uttaraji and sister in law Chitra had to literally drag me out of the train at Chitrakoot and admitted me in a small hut like hospital full of mosquitoes and dirt. That was the best possible treatment in Chitrakoot next to the Railway station.

Anyhow 6 bottles of Glucose was administered. My family members from my native village in Pratapgrah reached Chitrakoot by 1am. I then started for Allahabad to be admitted in a good hospital. Luckily I was admitted at Jaslok hospital which is one of the best hospitals in Allahabad on 8th morning at 4:30am.

I faught vigorously with the ailment and now today on 11th morning I was victorious in the struggle of life's most tragic moment. This is how God has saved me for serving the humanity and writing.

My two sons Sanjay and Anand and daughter-in-laws Pushpi and Manjushree were all in touch even in the night with me and my wife. My brother KP Upadhyay and my wife Uttaraji gave me a new life.

I have been saved with this tragedy and now I thank God and family members and realised one thing that love is the greatest weapon for salvation in distress and even in happiness.

Good Luck and my Blessings to all my well wishers.

Dated 11.11.2011

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  1. Yes Thank God that you recovered. Its time to revisit on your travel plans and diet. Earnest request to you.

    Love you