Friday 2 September 2011

Jan Lokpal Movement

Honourable Priminister, India
Speaker Loksabha,
Rajay Sabha

Hon'ble  Sir/Madam,
I feel and I suggest that Gandhian Anna Hazare has done the great work in the interest the Nation and the people  which Gandhiji has Left  Half way. The National Media has covered the entire 13 days hunger strike and public protest remarkably well it was most comprehensive and unbiased.
Sir why the media should be blamed for covering the national events, as freedom of speech  Guaranted to each and every citizen of India is to be respected. Why a private citizen if critices  against any MP or MLA who is the elected representative of the people should not be draged in the house in terms of Priviledge       Motion. Sir, any such common man could be sued in any of court of law and not in Parliament or Bidhansabha wasting   valuable  time of the House and public money.
Sir, Media should not be blamed and penalized for the coverage of the peoples regentments agains the Government. Which has not Passed the Lokpal Bill Tabled in lok Sabha Since 1967. Several PMs  and gone about 145 Parliament Sessions ended.but no MP has spoken about the Bill pending for years.
Any move to put the media accountable and tied with regulatory strings around its neck is a breach of constitutional right and priviledge against the freedom of speech. This move is also against the Citizens rights to protest which the media covered Jan Lokpal Movement in National Interest.


Dr. Swadesh Bharati, Kolkata

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