Wednesday 17 August 2011


I remember you
when the seven-hued sky finds
In its arms the Spring's joyfulness
And lover's love song vibrates in the quivering fresh flowers.

I remember you-
When the rain clouds
darken the day's sky
and the autumn looks show white
when the spirit
is enlightend with twilight

I remember you-
When the ancient
acacia-leaves write about
their secret intentions
on the wings of air dancing
with expressive gestures
And the soundless deep black night
Spreads its arms to conceal its silence
like the century's restless inner wailings

I remember you-
When the bright sun shines over in the mist,
The chariot of new time moves on amidst
The green fruitful span of life's existence
And provides us strength on the solitary path of
longing for living during extreme frustration
in darkness agonising any next moment.
I remember you.

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