Tuesday 23 August 2011

Jan Lokpal – Letter to PM-India

Dated 24.8.11

Honourable Prime Minister,
 Today is the 9th day of Anna Fast but your Govt. and Congress are playing dubious games to undermine Jan Lokpal To undoing Gandhian Anna Hazare’s movement which is not a Congress culture.

1)      Please remember the days of Gandhi since 1921 who built the congress under great leaders like Sardar Patel, Pt. Jwaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Abul Kalam Aazad, Sarojni Naidu, Rajaji, Moti Lal Nehru, Bidhan Chandra Roy and so many dedicated leaders who sacrificed for freedom of the Country. Then after Congress with Gandhian way of life has been the mute on looker on peoples problems corruption, nepotism, Black Money Transfer which made the middle class poorer and  rich class more richer . You are fully aware of it but helpless and now the whole country has awakened under Anna Hazare gainst Corruption . Why the Govt. is helpless under your leadership?

2)      Honourable sir, your unbearable silence and inactiveness to solve the problems is eroding the great name of India and Congress. Sir, my family has been a Congress family and my Grand Uncle Pt. Muniswar Dutt Upadhyay was the UP. Congress Chief during 50’s and worked with Jawahar Lal Nehru. He was Incharge of his Foolpur Parliamentary Constituency. My whole Family is requesting you to do something to save the Congress and the country

3)      Sir, There are thousands of people specially the young generation supporting Anna and Jan Lokpal. Will Congress confront with them in the next Lok Sabha Election if nothing is done.

4)      Honourable sir, you are under indue influence of ignorant adviser who have no Gandhian Culture and the National pride to cope with the present situation.

5)      Sir, strangely the country is passing through the worst time and you are just an expectator looking and undermining the anger of the people. Why its so degrading in the eyes of the world.

6)      You have on wrong advise published in the News papers for the New Suggetion for Lok Pal and time limit has been given as the 4th September 2011 so that the Jan Lok Pal Bill may not pass by 30th Aug. by the Parliament.

7)      The National and International support which Anna is getting can not be ignored by a most honest and intelligent PM. Like you. Then why so weekness and arrogance?

8)      Lokpal has been introduced in Parliament during 1968 and the Country waited for more  than 40 years of time and rich people has been richer and poor, the middle Class the most unfortunate becoming poorer and poorer due to corruption in education, Health, Business and Other Areas. The Jan lokpal Bill is the hope of the poor people of India.

9)      Sir, if you have conviction, faith and pure design, Jan Lokpal could be easily passed by 30th August or latest 8th Septemeber 2011 during Loksabha Sessions or Call an emergency Joint Session of Parliament to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

10)  Kindly save the country, the Congress, Gandhian Culture and National Honour by accepting the peoples verdict. Please realize the reality of the situation if parliament fails to pass the Bill why not national referandom on Jan Lokpal is to be arranged.

Sir, I most Sincerely hope that you will surely do something positive and take urgent necessary steps to save the life of Anna Hazare and the peoples wishes.

   With deep respect and honour

Sincerely yours

Dr. Swadesh Bharati
Rashtriya Hindi Academy
22B, Pratapaditya Road,
Kolkata – 700 026

To  Dr. Manmohan Singh ji
Hon’ble Prime Ministers of India,
Prime Minister House
7, Race Course Marg,
New Delhi – 110 011

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