Monday 4 July 2011

The Sun's Wounded Silence

Amidst the dusty tumultous noisy journey
The sun sets, as it
moves from east to west.
Fired and wounded and craving for
A cover of the evening's shawl over head
The sun hastily dips and dives in the horizon of the western ocean
Hastily from the closing in darkness.
To save self
Happily active and enthusiastic for the day
Offended by the loving deceit of light and shade
Carelessly playing hide-and-seek.
The Sun is ever conscious of its ordained
duty to endow nature with vital warmth
And to provide people with morning's
sweet tones and for various activities
The sun fills in his sack on the back

unique dreams, hopes, beliefs, beauty and strong
longings for authentic pleasure and also
deef anguish and despondency.
In return He gives Nature and the man
messages of new life and loving
The sun bound with movements galore
reflects the perennial relation of changing existence
everyday, encircled by dark hollow spaces
The sun is hoodwinked by
hints of the moving time and places!

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