Wednesday 13 July 2011

Still we've to go a long way

Having passed so many
uneven, crooked roads and
moments of torcherous deserts
streches of trecherous wetlands
Dense forests and high and low unchartered ways.
Innumerable crossings
at last crossing the final hurdle
the traveller reached the halting place
But the hope still brightly shines-
Like some cat's eyes in the darkness
He is not at all tired in his limbs
keeping the heart open in use
delight has to proceed on and on up to the height
Like the brightest star he has to reach
His destination and take part in
the colorful  Rangoli festival of fun
At the court yard of evenings, horizons
And, to be lost in the the expanse of void.
But just now he has to go on
forward and onward because
In the perspective of changes
One transforms the self not otherwise.

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