Friday 15 July 2011


All moments, seconds, minutes and hours,
Days, months and years
Are related to one another

The weather with its changes
Old and new years, Centuries, eras
And even the Earth, the Sun
The Moon, the stars and the planets
The Universe and the cosmic creation.
All are inseperably inter-related.

It is because of
this very reason, perhaps,
We're able to coexist,
Amidst our inunnerable longings
anguish, horror, alienation,
unbearable misries
Every moment of our day pass on
Every atom of creation relates to
Animate and the inanimate
So are humans to each other
Relations are made and unmade
Like waves of the occean.
The unlived part or contents of
Our heart and mind
Scatter on the shores of existence
Creating new and newer environments
circumstances and situations the vacuum
or the void is filled with granuales
By new waves, novelty surges up.
Even in our heart and vision. Cleaver love like a fine-Artist
Creates new and newer pictures of Relationships
With the variety of hues and colours
Made out of spring-Time  flowers
and myriad blossoms.

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