Wednesday 20 July 2011

LIfe's existence

How much happens unexpected
How much is existing in life
How much is lost and missed
In this very life's existence on this planet

What so ever one gains
Even that is gradually gone forever
or left behind us; alas! Lots of time
Is waisted and hence wanted in the world
Time never stands still for anyone
Like an adept hunter's arrow
It shoots towards the target
The time does not bow its head before a tyrant's thrown.
like the fog it covers all and spreads
and it also disappears within moments
when the sun shines over our head
When we are deprived of love's
Treasured pleasure all around
Time like the morning dew
showers compassion
And makes us unmindful of the present
Fantasinging about the futre
None goes on carrying the past on the back
It is replaced iwht good lively hopes
But how one is so much swindled off
our hopes which are belied and broken
Destroyed or disprensed altogether
One knows not what to do
Except keeping the eyes wet with tears.
Or wants to wander in the woods of amnesia
True, one looks to the confused memories
In the broken mirror of history, what else! What so ever
every thing is lost with no recoverys

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