Monday 11 July 2011

A Dialogue Between Tree and The Air

The tree asked the air-come and tighten me
In your embrace.
The air replied-You're tree
It would be worthwhile if some
Creeper grasps you in embrace.
The tree kept quiet, then murmured
I'm tree, yes. My roots often embrace
roots of another trees
to mitigate the boredom
of the solitary emptiness
And to pass time
down below underground
to share the pains and happiness of each other
But when any other tree which is
very close to me tries to touch its existence
The storm destroys either its or mine base
and one of us lie down falt on
The earth's surface.
We live the earthly smells
distribute and decorate
our birth-place with greenery,
Put in order the vital sensitivity devine
Entrusted to us for a long time
Whateever we have-flowers, fruits,
the deep shade and even the dead wood
We dedicate them to all and
Receive nothing in return
The past does not recall
and nothing I gain
From anyone at all.

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