Thursday 14 July 2011

Darkness of Night

The dark night writes on the palm of Earth
the morning's mystical story of
filling the fine sand of dreamy pleasures
in the fist of morn
It goes from east to west

Darkness even with its closed eye lids
sees through the laughter and merriment
The blooming lustreless faces of pale flowers
The moonlight spread on the towers.

At the time of cutting the sandy bank
The pleasure ground of lovers' meet,
The sandy home of existence tumbles down
In the current of times and strugling desires,
of course this can't be inadvertent after all
Recorded by history of big events.

It is unable to deal squarely with
The agony of defeat and victory,
Progress and downfall, autumn and spring.

Darkness of night writes, day-by-day
The world's story of painfulness and misery
On the palms of evening's horizon.

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